Canada “Panda Cup” Table Tennis International Tournament Officially Started

Canada “Panda Cup” Table Tennis International Tournament Officially Started

2018 Canada’s “Panda Cup” table tennis international tournament has officially started!

Today, the “Panda Cup” table tennis tournament Organizing Committee has held a 2108 “Panda Cup” table tennis international tournament press conference and officially announced this year’s “Panda Cup” event.
In the speech, Zhang Lei, the former Chinese national table tennis team member, thanked all committee members and people from the community for their great support to the previous Panda Cup International Tournament. Zhang Lei pointed out that it is of great significance for us to promote the table tennis in Canada, not only to promote sportsmanship and multicultural, but also to promote physical fitness and enhance the overall influence of the multi-community in Canada. We are committed to incorporating the Panda Cup tournament into the North American rating system in the near future.

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Edward Li, the co-chairman of the event, chairman of Sichuan University Alumni Community and chairman of the Canada Chengdu Association, confirmed in his speech that the 2018 Panda Cup International Tournament will be held in the Great Toronto Area on September 8th and September 9th. There will be 80 teams in total, in which 10 non-Chinese teams will participate. Registration starts from today onwards. The entire team registration fee for each team is 100 CAD, and will be150 CAD after March 1. It can be estimated that the competition scene will still be crowded with numerous high-profile giants and community. It will be a very rare opportunity to showcase merchant’s business strength, business scope and business development. Hopefully, forward-thinking business owners will actively sponsor and support our overseas promotion for our traditional Chinese activities.

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Mark Bu, the referee of the tournament, talked about the overall tournament arrangement and scale, the preparation of the competition system, such as the requirements of the competition venue, the time control and the number of umpires. Yang Xiaowen, the technical advisor praised the Panda Cup table tennis tournament for playing an important role in promoting the extensiveness of table tennis in Canada and improving all kinds of athletes’ skills. I hope the tournament will be conducted smoothly and persistently and will surely become an international major event with huge influence.
Other members of the organizing committee participating in the press conference made explanations on the promotion, safety and qualification.
We look forward to Canada’s “Panda Cup” table tennis international tournament another glory! Chinese people at home and abroad will carry forward the Chinese culture and traditions, fully demonstrate our Chinese athletes’ spirit!

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2018 Panda Cup Table Tennis International Tournament
1. Time and Venue
Competition time: September 8th & 9th, 2018
Venue: Table tennis club in Toronto, Canada, 32 competition venues.

2. Tournament Arrangements
2.1 Category: Group (4-8 people per team, at least one female team member), (6 winning team medals)
2.2 Participant qualification: not limited
2.3 Team Quantity: 80 teams
2.4 Registration fee: 100 CAD / team. To encourage early registration, the registration fee will be 150 CAD / team after March 1, 2018.
2.5 Registration time: Begin to accept the application after February 18, 2018.

3. Tournament Arrangement
3.1 Group stage:
80 participating teams will be divided into 8 groups, 10 teams per team. The professional team, 4 teams, and Group A, 8 seed teams will be scattered in eight groups. Group stage will be the semi-circle tournament, giving out the results by ranking.
3.2 Classification:
The first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth of each group will enter the next level of A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H respectively. Each level will be formed by 8 teams. The ninth and tenth place of each group does not enter the second phase of the competition.
3.3 The second phase of the competition:
Players will compete in each respective level, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H with the result of ranking, 1st to 8th place.
3.4 Scoring: Best 3 out of 5 games
Competition order: 1 singles (11 points, best 2 out of 3), 1 mixed doubles (11 points, best 2 out of 3), 1 men’s doubles (11 points, best 2 out of 3), 1 singles (11 points, best 2 out of 3). In case of 2: 2, players will compete in a plus game, “grab seven”. The one who reaches 7 points first will be the winner.
3.5 In order to control the total playing time, the time of the first three games should not be more than 1 hour and 15 minutes. In the case that the time is more than 1 hour and 15 minutes, the fourth game (singles) will hold only one round (11 points). The fifth game (singles) “grab seven” is unchanged.
3.6 Players attendance arrangements:
Before the start of the game, the captains of both teams handed over the list of players for the five races to the referee. Any team member can only play one singles and one doubles at most. The second game requires one male player and one female player. The is no gender requirement in the other four games.
3.7 The serving right will be decided by guessing the ball in each game. The warm-up time should be 2 minutes after players choose the side. Players has right to time out once in each game. The duration is 30 seconds. The break between each round is 1 minute. Exceeding 10 minutes break is considered as an abstention.

4. Awards
Champion, the second place and the third place teams in Group A will be awarded 1200 CAD, 800 CAD, and 400 CAD, with a large “Panda Cup” trophy engraved champion name on the base. Group A 4th to 8th money award: 200 CAD, 100 CAD, 100 CAD,100 CAD, 100 CAD. All teams in Group A get next year’s Panda Cup seed team qualifications and certificates.
All the champion teams in Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D, Group E, Group F, Group G and Group H will be awarded the permanent exquisite trophy. The five players and one leader of Champion, the second place and the third place team will be awarded gold, silver and bronze respectively.
Other Group Award: The second place and the third place winners of Group B, Group C, Group D, Group E, Group F, Group G and Group H will receive money award of 100 CAD, 60 CAD, 40 CAD.

5. Contact
Jiangfeng Hu: 6476063467,
Jinshan Zhang: 4164007173,

Panda Cup Tournament Committee
February 18th, 2018

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