2020 Table Tennis for All Summarization

Starting on August 15, 2020, Maple Panda hosts “TABLE TENNIS FOR ALL”, a special online table tennis event, that lasts till November 24th, 2020.

“TABLE TENNIS FOR ALL” event includes series online table tennis games and online table tennis master classes.

To this date, over 350 players have signed up for the event. Participants are from Greater Toronto area, Montreal of Quebec, Vancouver of British Columbia, and Calgary of Alberta, their age range is from 3 to over 64. Table tennis players from United States and China are also interested and following us on this event. Friends and pongers from around the world are welcome to join us.

Our 1st online game is to bounce pingpong balls for 10 seconds. The top 3 players who bounce the most number of pingpong balls in 10 seconds will be the winners. Players bounce balls at home, take a video of the bouncing, and submit his/her video onto https://www.pandacup.ca/event-one-bounces-of-a-table-tennis-ball-in-10-secs/

The online master class teachers include formal China National team players, current world’s top professional table tennis players, Canada national umpire and coach, and international coaches. In a three month period, the master classes are to promote table tennis sports for people of all ages, to inspire participants to enjoy table tennis, to teach technique and skills of table tennis.

Through “TABLE TENNIS FOR ALL” event, we hope to connect people and communities during pandemic, to send families and friends hope and encouragement, to help everyone engage in active and healthy living.

We want to extend our special thanks to the Government of Canada and Canadian Red Cross for their great support.

Visit us at www.pandacup.ca for more event update.