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Panda Cup provides online registration and payment. Panda Cup Organization and website will not store any information which is related to users’ credit card information. Meanwhile, all the payment transaction are encrypted and communicated directly to the department which bank or credit card authorized. If you meet any issue or questions, please contact:

Note: After July 30th, 2019, the registration fee will increase by 10%.

熊猫杯提供在线方式为用户报名和支付报名费。熊猫杯主委会和网站不会存储任何与用户信用卡相关的信息。 同时,用户所有的支付全部经过加密并直接对接到银行和信用卡支付机构。如果你在支付过程中出现任何疑问,请联系:


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如果您有任何需求和建议,请告诉我们或者联系。 支付后我们不会存储任何您的信用卡信息。