Club Registration

Canada Maple Panda Cup International table tennis tournament club please register here. Registering and submitting registration information means that you have read and agreed to the Panda Cup-related rules, matters and terms. When you finish registering, you will receive the event update and information released by the Panda cup Organization committee.
Moreover, if you register as Canada Panda Cup International Table Tennis Tournament Club, you will be offered the services and benefits as below:

  1. Two free tickets for the official Maple Panda Cup Tournament (value $40)
  2. Display your club logo in ‘Cooperative Media’ section of Maple Panda Cup official website for years (depends on the signed terms and contract, value $500/year)
  3. Present your logo in all the Maple Panda Cup Tournament Brochure (1/4 page, value $500)
  4. One Free ticket for the Maple Panda Cup Banquet (if it is available, value $75/ticket)

As a registered club,
1. you are required to actively report the Maple Panda Cup related activities including the press conferences, official competitions, Banquet or other related events.
2. Moreover, allow Maple Panda Canada organization stick posters in your place.
3. Actively participate in the event that is held by Maple Panda Canada
If you have any questions, please contact us at